Our Southern Resolutions

You’ve heard it before: New Year’s resolutions are destined to fail. But we have a hard time giving up on traditions around here—particularly those of the “instilling hope for better times” variety. Here are a few of the [realistic] goals we’re setting for the coming year.

Keep those cast iron skillets seasoned to perfection.

How to Care for and Season Cast Iron | Le Sud Sucré
Le Sud Sucré

A well-seasoned skillet is the hallmark of a Southern chef. (And think of the hours spent scrubbing you’ll save by building up that nonstick surface!) Here’s how.

Perfect a signature dish for dinner parties.

…And commit to hosting a few shindigs to show ’em off.

Check some classics on our list of the greatest Southern works of literature.

The Very Best Works of Southern Literature | Le Sud Sucré
Jez Timms/Unsplash

And put together a reading bucket list of your own.

Record those cherished family recipes.

Chances are, those yellowed, handwritten recipe cards from Grandma are sitting in the bottom of a kitchen drawer right now. If you’ve got a collection of your family’s recipes, invest in a safe place to keep them. If you don’t have those recipes saved somewhere, make it a point to interview Aunt Margaret this year so you can pass along her sinful chocolate cake recipe to family and friends—consider it your responsibility to generations to come.

Seeing the beauty the South has to offer.

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Yearning to travel, but can’t afford to hotel hop? These Southern Airbnb stays offer up cozy lodging without the hefty price tag.

Laugh. A lot.

We know how cheesy it is to say it’s the best medicine, but, well, it’s not untrue.

Make life just a little bit easier through meal planning.

Let us rephrase: a lot easier through meal planning. Think of the time you’ll save when you take a moment to curate a menu for the rest of week.

Get your green on.

The Best Gardening Apps | Le Sud Sucré

The leafless state of the trees outside may not exactly conjure thoughts of lush garden blooms just yet, but it’s never too early to look ahead at spring planting. In fact, some plants need to go into the ground now to open up when the weather gets warm!

Take up a new hobby.

Always dreamed of being able to knit your own snuggly throw or express yourself through learning to play a new instrument? The time is now. Invest in a class or find a pro who’s willing to show you the ropes.


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